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About ME: Hi! my name is Leah, 35 years old from Moreno Valley: My favorite movie "Vanessa (1977 film)" and favorite book about sex "Dom Casmurro". I can give hard ons to guys by just looking at them. I want to live in a nice place, be surrounded by friends and good people. I like traveling and being in nature. All i want to do is, well, let your mind wonder.

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DESCRIPTION: Well first I would like to say I take some responsibilty in this situation what kind of loser must I be to join a Lonelywifehookup com service that is called Lonely Wife Hookup. Now that I got that disclaimer out I am doing this in hopes of saving some other lonely dork who prob has issues with estabhlishing relationships from getting had in the same manner I was because it made me feel at first that I was facing rejection from supposed Lonelywifehookup com who should be the most easy catch and thought that God just wanted me to remain celebit. It goes like this I visited the site because another site who I choose not to involve in the complaint endorsed it with a little publicity dont worry I have contacted this site as well made them Lonelywifehookup com of how unhappy I was but they provide an honest service and are a quality Lonelywifehookup com to Lonelywifehookup com.

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Many members of have already learned the hard way that this site is a scam and we hope it's not too late for your too before you realize . Not a Member Yet? Join For Free! The members available here are looking to hook up for sex and chat. There are always new members online. Join For Free to. When it comes to a site like well, you're already going to end up failing. This site is just plastered with boobs and butts, and that's not a. Review Watch This Review Of See If It's Legit - Free Hookups Sites!

Well first I would like to say I take some responsibilty in this situation what kind of loser must I be to join a dating service that is called Lonely Wife Hookup. Now that I got that disclaimer out I am doing this in hopes of saving some other lonely dork who prob has issues with estabhlishing relationships from getting had in the same manner I was because it made me feel at first that I was facing rejection from supposed women who should be the most easy catch and thought that God just wanted me to remain celebit.

It goes like this I visited the site because another site who I choose not to involve in the complaint endorsed it with a little publicity Lonelywifehookup com worry I have contacted this site as well made them aware of how unhappy I was but they provide an honest service and are a quality place to visit. During my first visit I Lonelywifehookup com up for a free profile which would supposedly allow me to search there singles which were claimed to number well over one hundread thousand.

This was fine and Lonelywifehookup com and of course when I attempted to view individual profiles A pay prompt came up telling me to subscribe to several different levels Lonelywifehookup com service depending Lonelywifehookup com what I wanted still cool at this point. I elected to join but only for two days for a couple bucks and check it out how could I go wrong acouple bucks right who cares.

After I viewed Id say around ten or so profiles and I must say I was impressed I thought there was no way I could lose these ladies were of all different shapes and sizes and were very how do I say ready for action so like I said ten and boom I get another prompt I am thinking okay this must be the different level of service thing and I either Lonelywifehookup com to find ladies that my temp subscribtion allows or upgrade if I wanted the pretty girls.

Things got a little fishy at that point and I kick myself in the butt for being so stupid I checked every profile on two pages and was denied. So I was like screw it I'm gone couple bucks lost oh well maybe I will get areply tomorrow and log off. The next day by god and I kid you not every girl I had contacted had responded with interest in Lonelywifehookup com more and others that had found me and wanted to talk I felt like a million bucks.

I just slapped myself across the face again min d youbecause I jumped back on paid for the month and started Lonelywifehookup com responses. I finished my responses and started exploring more and found that there were thesewomen online in Lonelywifehookup com city that night lookin for love so I started writting as you can tell Lonelywifehookup com am a little long winded so it took a while.

By the tenth"online now" girl I had attempted to contac Lonelywifehookup com an hour had passed since I contacted the first one and nothing no thanks or no thanks or thats sweet or leave me alone weirdo I got nothing at this point I was like well I just must not have any game my pic is ugly and its time to pull the trigger so I logged off.

I cryed myself to sleep after a gallo0n of rocky road. The next day I logged back on I had to know what I did wrong I had one response thats right one after sending a desperate hundread or so messages and get this it was from a girl whom I had not even contacted and it was Lonelywifehookup com dry something like I Lonelywifehookup com your profile do you like mine.

Lonelywifehookup com you have any questions for me. At this point I new exactly what was going on. Alright enough I am gonna end this rant these people are Lonelywifehookup com money off of peoples need for companionship I looked everywhere and could not find any disclaimers that said for entertainment only or something to that extent dont get had by these lowlife a holes playing on peoples emotions to earn a buck.

And like I said and its true I am an idiot. Oh well l;ive Lonelywifehookup com learn hopefully one person reads this before they Lonelywifehookup com any money and to the Lonelywifehookup com of this Lonelywifehookup com hats off you took advantage of someone Lonelywifehookup com and earned some loot thats right loot you might as well be robbing banks in Lonelywifehookup com opinion.

Dont worry I still have a few days left I am gonna get on and see what kind of trouble I can cause. Thats right I am bitter so wish me luck and Lonely Wife Hookup should be called Jim in his basement responding as fast as he can.

Wayto go me that will show em. Yea right whatever it was theraputic to vent. There are lots of fake postings on craigslist.

They tell you to "get a hold of them" on this website. This girl I talked to acted real, until I made it clear I wasn't paying for some website- at which time she cut off contact- if it really was a "she" to begin with. SCAM SCAM SCAM dont waist your money go to a night club and look for the Lonelywifehookup com women they are always in a huge group you can spot them a mile away and if they are intrested Lonelywifehookup com having a fling they will let you know.

Yeah it seems like a complete fake alright. Maybe there are some real women on there but maybe not. Most of them are probably fake profile controlled by the site owners or something.

The girls are never very specific, they always Lonelywifehookup com generic stuff like, "I liked your profile, did you like mine? They never answer questions or talk about anything personal. Hey, your Lonelywifehookup com right, lot Lonelywifehookup com this sort of thing going on on the net. But dont feel bad Lonelywifehookup com is Lonelywifehookup com thousands of people that have been causght just like you and I am one of them.

Not on the same site that got you. These mongerels prey on everybody and they have Lonelywifehookup com everywhere including teen meeting sites, bi, gay and lesbian sites, they all perform the same, prompt pops up pay a small amount for Lonelywifehookup com day or two then they bait Lonelywifehookup com to pay more and Lonelywifehookup com paying until they hook you for their premium service when you fid there is no one there.

The strange thing is that if they supplied the service that they offer, they would make much more money than just baiting "first time" visitors to their sites. They are bottom feeding preying on lonley peoples emotions, just hope someone in the know Lonelywifehookup com get these dogs and put them Lonelywifehookup com, permanantley. Lonelywifehookup com fore warened is fore armed, so give these sites a miss and if Lonelywifehookup com smell a rat, google scams and check out the site before paying any money.

I feel like such a fool, just purchased a gold membership, and guess what? Really, they don't even respond on the support. No site exists with horny chicks who want to you. They're all dudes having a good laugh at your patheticness. Well, I want to say it is fake. I have had a pop up say a woman just visited my profile and when I look, she has not been on the site for 1 hour or more. I have also contacted Lonelywifehookup com service about false profiles. All they did was give me the run around until I was so called Timed out.

Guys, if you are going to waste your money, give it to me. They said if you do not get laid in three months you will get 1 month free. As a businessman, it makes perfect economics to give away 1 Lonelywifehookup com if someone is paying Please guys, put a big dent in the webmasters profit and don't pay for this. There are other alternatives to this site. I just checked out that site, and I live in Japan! When it said "1, wives waiting for you Lonelywifehookup com your town tonight" - I knew it was BS!

My town is pretty Lonelywifehookup com and I've been here ten years, and hardly met more than 10 lonely women in all that time!

Not only that, but ALL the pictures were of either white or black females!! I kid Lonelywifehookup com not! Lonelywifehookup com digressed though Lonelywifehookup com continued Lonelywifehookup com Thank goodness for that, as it has saved me being scammed!

I think it's high time organisations that operate the www should Lonelywifehookup com these sites forever! Sorry, boys, but it's a scam. I think just about all the sites with Lonelywifehookup com women" looking to hook up with you are scams.

I've said it before and I'll say Lonelywifehookup com again: We don't have to go that route. Just to give all you guys a heads up with that service. Lonelywifehookup com paying your money Just call Epoch who is the company that scammed you through Lonely Wife and the phone number is on your statement from the card you used.

Or you can get it online at Epoch. Request a Refund and say Lonelywifehookup com the service doesn't provide what it says it will when you the subscriber or consumer purchased the subscription because their isn't any members to connect with. They use purchased pictures and create false accounts and it's a few guys who do all that after buying an online business from Net Management Services. Usually they give the money back if it's within a reasonable time from the date of Lonelywifehookup com. You guys Lonelywifehookup com owe me a beer.

As far as appearences go, I'm not too hard on the eyes, and I'm certainly charming enough to compose a decent message, one that would do anything but lead to a complete silence when it comes to receiving a response from those in whom I Lonelywifehookup com out to. So, as of now, it being a FULL day of writing to "women", for me not to have at least Lonelywifehookup com contacted by just ONE Lonelywifehookup com the "women" I wrote to, tells Lonelywifehookup com I need to Lonelywifehookup com upon a full refund immediately.

Thanks for starting this topic, and for everyone's input. I just called Epoch, and requested a full refund, and after I gave them a brief explanation as to my dissatisfaction, they, being Epoch did give me a full refund. Thanks to the gal who suggested we Lonelywifehookup com Epoch. I indeed feel I owe you that beer. What are you doing Lonelywifehookup com night? What a bunch of!!! Nothing but a bunch of women trying to get you to go to there website and pay more money for more blah blah.

Taught me a lesson real quick!!! Plenty of fish is the only website I use now and it is great. No and the women are pretty much straight with you Might as well go get some street walkers you losers! Every sex dating site I've seen have been a total rip off so far. It is my opion that lonely wife hookup is a complete fraud. When you get Lonelywifehookup com they say they want to talk but when you answer they always try to direct you to anther pay sight.

I never got one actual messages always just enough to keep you on the site. Lonely wife Lonelywifehookup com is another ripoff site. They hack pictures off of true escort sites and post them as actual girls.

I had one that wanted to "get to Lonelywifehookup com me" but when I told her I was quitting this site and she could contact me by e-mail Lonelywifehookup com gave her my Lonelywifehookup com she said she would rather get to me "On this site". Kinda says Lonelywifehookup com all doesn't it.

They must have chicks who get paid for writing little tantalizing tid Lonelywifehookup com to keep guys interested and stay on the the site and keep paying. Then I see the same girl listed in a different town with a different name.

Fortunately I only got taken for one month. My subscription expires in few days. I Lonelywifehookup com if anyone has actually met with a lady on this site and got laid?

Something like that users of social networking for Dating:

  • Books (about sex): "The Heart of the Matter"

  • Film genre: Sitcom film

  • Music: "Moon Over Bourbon Street - Sting"

  • Musical genre: Shibuya-kei

  • Sex "toys": Strap-on dildo

  • Sex symbols: Gene Kelly

  • Issue: Are you nicer or meaner when you are drunk?

That place doesn't even examine to attract ladies. It's just out to make your cash and consort with a trace, and that means you're not going to put on the hookups you homelessness. When it comes to a site like LonelyWifeHookup. We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our LonelyWifeHookup ratings, and meanwhile that time, we sent out a total of chat messages to ladies online.

From those prevail upon messages, we could merely get a grand thorough of 20 responses. After our four-month site yardstick, these top adult finder sites are guaranteed to give the results you want. This was in the final analysis no good, and we were really upset on every side it and ready to leave.

This is anecdote site that just definitely gave us a nuisance. Normally, we love seeing at boobs and butts, but honestly, this situate just really is covered in that from top-grade to bottom.


  • Name: Queen
  • Age: 31
  • Heigh: 5'.8"
  • Weight: 49 kg.
  • Drinker: Non-drinker
  • Music: "Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison"

  • Films (about sex): Be My Slave (film)

About ME: It turns me on when we explore how naughty we can be. I give my promise to reply to anyone who contacts me. Looking for the same in a really special, unique guy. Kiss the head

Boyfriend problem. What should I do? HELP! Not a Member Yet? Join For Free! The members available here are looking to hook up for sex and chat. There are always new members online. Join For Free to. My recommended site: Review Watch This Review Of See If It's Legit..

Many members of LonelyWifeHookup. We will review the ways LonelyWifeHookup. As a part of our investigation we created a profile on LonelyWifeHookup. Although many of our suspicions for the illegitimacy of LonelyWifeHookup. As you are signing in, you are automatically agreeing to the terms of use and the use of fantasy cuties — dating profiles of women, who are completely fictitious.

Even more alarming was the fact that every profile we checked out was labeled as a Fantasy Cutie, which makes us wonder if there are any real women on the site. You comprehend, acknowledge, and agree that the interactions, profile information, and content utilized by Fantasy Cuties profiles do not originate from any actual Site member.

Any similarity between Fantasy Cuties profile information or interactions to any real person is purely coincidental and fictitious.

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