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DESCRIPTION: First, somebody else already found the cross-site scripting XSS flaw, the company said. PayPal emailed this statement in defense of its actions to TechWeek Europe:.

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First, somebody else already found the cross-site scripting XSS flaw, the company said. PayPal emailed this statement in defense of its actions to TechWeek Europe:. Kugler is ineligible to participate in the program since he is under 18 years old. He turns 18 in March Unsurprisingly, Nudes for paypal is taking a licking on Reddit over the perceived faux pas. On the basis that others found the bug first, declining to pay him is defensible, regardless Nudes for paypal his age.

Yes, of course companies like PayPal should pay security researchers who find bugs, regardless of their age. The last thing that the world of information security needs is to discourage up-and-coming security researchers. As a first step, we are sending an official letter of recognition for the researcher's contribution and we are exploring other ways to recognize younger security researchers when they do discover a vulnerability and responsibly disclose that discovery.

The company already has a way to recognize bug finders. That way is cash. Why should age play a part in rewarding a bounty? And on the subject of public disclosure, should Kruger have publicly disclosed the bug, out of spite?

Images of bug and teenager courtesy of Shutterstock. Follow NakedSecurity on Twitter for the latest computer security news. We've frequently heard of youngsters getting away with virus writing and hacking because they were under 18 and thus too young to be treated as adults. So youngsters under 18 in Germany could use illegal Nudes for paypal to find bugs for bounty programs knowing that if they were caught, little or nothing would happen, but if they weren't, and succeeded, they'd be eligible for the same cash rewards as Big People.

If adults followed the same track, they could be in serious trouble. So having an limit keeps a legally-level playing field. From memory, most bounty programs include a special disclaimer about paying out only for bugs found using lawful and non-disruptive means. For example, let's say you found an information disclosure flaw, but only by DDoSsing the site with a botnet until it collapsed.

Or you found a buffer overflow in a company's web server, but only by breaking in to the company's engineering Nudes for paypal and stealing source code. Just another example of the entitlement young Internet users have these days. The real issue here is this "security researchers" lack of ethics.

We don't hire people under 18 where I work either, but I always supposed there were valid business reasons for not doing so. Perhaps we're just evil like Paypal and have it out for those young whippersnappers.

Work has to be honoured if it is done. Nudes for paypal PayPal promises a bounty it has to pay; if they do not specify in the first place who is entitled to win, they have to pay to anyone. He lost my support when he disclosed the vulnerability. Ethics are important too, and in short supply it seems. No, it doesn't as you can plainly see. In this case, the bug was already reported and the reporters age did not comply with the bounty program.

It's Paypal's program, not yours. It seems to me there is a ton of ambiguity in most of the bounty programs. Hell, they don't even provide a bounty amount in some cases. I suppose that's what you get for this kind of work.

How do you know I"m not jealous AND plain ignorant anyway? Perhaps that's harder to spot? Kind of funny how quick you are to just say his problem is a "lack of ethics". Nudes for paypal lot of hackers consider it perfectly acceptable to notify a company and then after a period of time release the vulnerability. This gives the company time to fix the problem while also lighting a bit of a fire under them to fix it.

So here we have a kid told, Nudes for paypal, you were not the Nudes for paypal to find it, and well we wouldn't pay you anyways because of a rule we can't bother posting. I do not really see this being a huge problem ethically. PayPal already got the "warning shot" from another researcher. Now this kid has lit the Nudes for paypal. I reported about 10 vulnerabilities to PayPal and all were 'duplicated'.

I, for one, will not be ostracizing Kugler for his find. PayPal could have done a couple of things differently in this situation. First, they could have dismissed Kugler's find as already having been identified… without age being brought into it. Second, bringing up the age factor, when it is not openly cited on their Bug Bounty program, is flat out wrong. That being said, Mr.

Kugler did not help his, nor any other junior security researcher's case, by spitefully disclosing the vulnerability in a public forum. I strongly disapprove his Nudes for paypal of publicly disclosing the bug because many PayPal users around the globe shall face complicated issues if a black hat hacker takes advantage of it.

Putting millions of people's financial information in danger just because you did not get Nudes for paypal is a selfish act. In my opinion he doesn't even deserve a letter. I am surprised that the author wrote an entire blog post in favor of this Nudes for paypal criticizing PayPal but did not notice the gravity of his actions. I believe the post just did notice that: Even though this act in this case was irresponsible there is a very narrow line between what is the correct action in Nudes for paypal situation like that.

Disclosing the information itself does not endanger the users, since the danger comes from the bug and not from the disclosure of the information. However the disclosure of the information may increase the danger. Keeping the information secret may also increase the danger when the entity in the capability of fixing the bug does not responsibly and appropriately acts. In such situation informing the users of the security flaw may significantly reduce the danger.

The one, who has the information in hand decides. From time to time there are movements that would like to take the decision from the hand of the person threatening such a disclosure with legal counter actions. Nudes for paypal this leads to the field of free speech that — in my opinion — prevails at all costs.

Even the cost of information security. You just do not want Nudes for paypal live secure: This leads too far to discuss here. PayPal acted like scumbags, let's not forget it.

Bringing age discrimination into it? That will surely motivate underage researchers to report their findings…. Also everyone seems to be forgetting that this is a common practice in this industry to publish this kind of findings after enough time for the company to fix the issue.

Clearly PayPal thinks that age is a factor Nudes for paypal break the specified rules. It might seem harsh what he did but it's PayPal who made up rules on the spot — they're not in the guidelines, ditto!

That at least brought enough publicity to the issue. PayPal is in the wrong and they should be called on it. See this is just plain stupidity and anal head cells at its absolute finest. Paypal could have soared in terms of trust had they have rewarded the lad. Jeez a few K to them is like a penny to us. I actually did not know this and will be closing my paypal account and looking at alternative ways to have that type of facility.

This makes no sense…Paypal…why when other companies do something like this and then they pay out to someone who is only 12 years old…so why doesnt paypal…their logic makes no sense what so ever! Why can't bounties be shared between all those who discover Nudes for paypal particular vulnerability, prior to the vulnerability being patched?

Well, you can say that he was selfish in disclosing it, BUT, Paypal was also selfish in not rewarding him in the first place. Saying that someone had already beaten him to it does not encourage young researchers to submit problems as they will wonder whether it will Nudes for paypal accepted.

Maybe they should have a site that you can access where it shows what bugs have been reported. I am sure a sanitised version of the bug could be put up there. I would suggest that part of Kugler's thinking was "since PayPal claims they have already been notified about the bug then disclosing the issue Nudes for paypal no big deal since they should have fixed it by now then.

What other recourse does someone have that sees an actively exploitable bug, and are told "without proof" that we already know about that? Again I am not suggesting what he did was right… just wondering what would have been better? Looks like it's hands down for payment. I don't and will never use them and everything with them seems to become so involved it isn't Nudes for paypal the time.

It would be nice for them to Nudes for paypal who did collect on it and when they were acknowledged to have announce it to Pay Pal. Sounds like they were going to Nudes for paypal him no matter what.

Did someone actually previously find the bug, or was this just an excuse to Nudes for paypal paying a reward? If they knew about the bug they should have expedited counter-measures. The reward should be available to all who told them about it before they killed the bug.

I do not condone the youngster's behaviour in publicly disclosing the bug, but that is liable to happen when a juvenile trouble-shooter is shunned by the company he tried to help. Way to go Paypal — way to inspire our youth to explore and excel — though to be honest, don't expect much from you guys — and you deliver — in spades.

As we see, it works.


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